Buy Apartment in Uttara: Things to Know Before Buying

Apartments have become a favored choice for those seeking a permanent home at present. Among the various locations, Uttara stands out as a preferred destination due to its well-planned layout and urban amenities. When it comes to making a life-changing investment, numerous factors come into play. The decision to buy an apartment in Uttara requires careful thought and consideration. Purchasing an apartment is not just about four walls and a roof; it is about creating a comfortable and secure living environment. In this blog, we will explore the essential factors you should keep in mind before buying an apartment in Uttara, helping you make an informed decision for your future home.

Why Choose Uttara as Your Home?

Nestled in Uttara is a well-planned urban oasis that comes with a multitude of conveniences. Its strategic location offers seamless connectivity to key areas such as Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Bashundhara R/A, Gazipur, Savar, and Mirpur DOHS. With the Metro Rail and elevated expressway in full operation, residents enjoy swift access to Motijheel. Additionally, Uttara's top-tier educational institutions like Rajuk Uttara Model College, Scholastica, The Aga Khan School, and DPS STS School Dhaka provide parents with excellent choices for their children's education. The area also caters to your daily needs with an array of super shops, farmers' markets, upscale dining establishments, and cozy cafes, making it a perfect place for various gatherings. Parks, lakes, and consistently stunning sunsets offer daily doses of relaxation. Uttara is exceptionally secure, with dedicated security personnel and regular police patrols ensuring safety. The community thrives with recreational clubs like Uttara Club, fostering social connections and various activities, making Uttara an ideal place for owning property.

Things to Know Before Buying an Apartment

Things to Know Before Buying an Apartment Before you take the leap into purchasing an apartment in Uttara, there are several essential things you should be aware of -

1. Budget Plan

Setting up a budget is the cornerstone of buying any real estate, including flats and apartments. Whether you lean towards a more modest or extravagant range, both available in Uttara, having a well-defined budget estimate is essential for your apartment quest. This entails calculating the financial scope within which you can comfortably operate.  A budget plan also plays a pivotal role in determining whether a bank loan or mortgage may be necessary to fulfill your real estate aspirations.

2. Location

Location selection is pivotal when purchasing an apartment in Uttara. The entire area boasts a strategic position with seamless connections to Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Bashundhara R/A, Gazipur, Savar, and Mirpur DOHS. Moreover, with the Metro Rail and elevated expressway in operation now, residents from Uttara have swift access to Motijheel, while the BRT system ensures enhanced connectivity between Uttara and the thriving Purbachal in the near future.

3. Utility Services

Reliable access to gas, water, and electricity can be a challenge in some parts of Dhaka, whereas utilities and services in Uttara are renowned for comfortable living. Thus, it is imperative to check the amenity records for your chosen apartment before buying. Luxury apartments further offer backup solutions like generators and electric water pumps. A quick comparison of the builder's amenities with personal requirements often helps to make the right choice!

4. Security Measures

Security measures are non-negotiable when it comes to buying a new apartment. The building's security services - include CCTV surveillance, fire alarms, emergency exits, and much more. In this case, gated communities are a great option for ensuring maximum security. Due to the strategically developed plan of Uttara city, crime rates are very low there compared to other densely populated cities in Dhaka. However, evaluating both your building and neighborhood's safety is a must before any purchase decision.

5. Structural Features

An apartment building's structural base is an important factor to consider before investing. Modern homes should incorporate disaster-resistant technologies, ensuring safety against calamities like earthquakes. Here are some other structural aspects to take under consideration -
  • Carpet Area: Carpet area represents the floor within your flat and can be significantly smaller than the total built-up area at times. Thus, knowing the exact space you are paying for is important.
  • Space Management: Minimalistic and open layouts are in demand for a unique and comfortable lifestyle. So the flat's layout and design should be evaluated for spacious and aesthetic living. 
  • Light and Ventilation: Ensuring proper light and ventilation in your luxury home is essential to support both your physical and mental well-being. South-facing buildings are often preferred for these features.
Uttara, a meticulously planned city, offers ample space for luxurious and comfortable living, making it an ideal canvas for residential buildings equipped with these essential structural elements.

6. Legal Documents

Understanding the legal aspects of purchasing an apartment can be quite intimidating. However, it is important when it comes to investing in your permanent address. As a buyer, the listed documents should be scrutinized:
  • Title Deed: This document establishes property ownership rights, encompassing use, transfer, and sale. It is important to review this with a lawyer.
  • Mother Deed: The initial proof of ownership, preventing multiple sales, and tracing back previous owners.
  • Sale Deed: Confirms your ownership as the new flat owner. It is essential to possess a copy of this document along with the title deed.
  • RAJUK Building Approval: Rajuk Building Approval certificate is necessary to check before commencing the construction.
Legal issues in Dhaka are not uncommon, although it’s significantly lesser in Uttara due to its approved knowledge of vital documents as a shield against potential fraud.

7. Builder's Reputation

In the booming real estate industry inside Uttara, the rise in developers is exponential. However, finding reliable builders is still a challenge. Poorly constructed buildings by low-grade developers pose a risk. Timely delivery is often an issue as well. Thus, choosing a reputable developer is essential, as it alleviates a significant portion of the stress associated with buying your dream luxury home.

8. Resale Value

Resale value is crucial, especially if you are investing rather than residing in your apartment. Apartments inside Uttara are usually known for having great resale value given the growing interest in residing in Uttara. Still before buying an apartment, even inside of Uttara, one should research diligently considering future selling timeline (if any) to gauge maximum returns. This knowledge empowers the buyer to make a well-informed decision regarding the investment's worth.

Buy Apartment in Uttara: Showcase

Rupayan City Uttara, a prestigious gated community, offers affordable apartments in multiple ranges and an array of modern facilities. Let’s have a look -

Rupayan Majestic

Rupayan Majestic Rupayan Majestic, part of Rupayan City in Uttara, Dhaka, offers spacious and modern condominium apartments with high-quality finishes and city views from balconies. Ideal for families and professionals, it provides convenience and luxury in a central Uttara location.
  • Number of Buildings: 11
  • Number of Floor Per Building: B+G+9
  • Unit size: 2190-2860 sft
  • Bed Per Unit: 3+1 (Servant Room)
  • Bath Per Unit: 3+1 (Servant)
  • Number of Parking Per Unit: 1-2

Rupayan Grand 

Rupayan Grand  Rupayan Grand is an apartment complex project located inside Uttara that redefines luxury living with comfort, elegance, and convenient amenities. The apartment community includes a playground, club, gym, mosque, and more for a peaceful and upscale lifestyle.
  • Number of Floor Per  Building: B+G+9
  • Unit size: 2300-3070 sft
  • Bed Per Unit: 3+1 (Servant Room)
  • Bath Per Unit: 3+1 (Servant)
  • Number of Parking Per Unit: 1-2

Your Apartment Tour

Ready to move to Uttara with your loved ones? Rupayan City Uttara is committed to helping you make a well-informed investment decision. We offer open house events and scheduled property viewings. You can explore your future apartment in person or virtually through VR tours. Contact our dedicated sales team at 16504 or email them at Your future home awaits you in Uttara!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you assess the structural integrity of an apartment?

Look for cracks in the walls and check the roofline for any sagging or unevenness. These issues may signal underlying structural problems.

Are there any upcoming apartment projects in Uttara?

There are many completed and upcoming apartment projects in Uttara - including Uttara Apartment Project,  Rupayan City Uttara, and more.

What are the requirements for home loan or mortgage  in Bangladesh?

You can approach banks or licensed non-banking financial institutions (established under the Financial Institutions Act of 1993) for a home loan in Bangladesh.

Do apartments have a good resale value?

Apartments can have good resale value with a good location, reputable builder, and excellent community and amenities.

Can a foreign national buy an apartment in Bangladesh?

Foreign nationals cannot buy apartments in Bangladesh because of the laws like the Transfer of Property Act 1882 and the Registration Act 1908.