Flat for Sale in Uttara: Discover Your Next Property

A dream home is somewhere, where all your loved ones reside under the same roof to share all the countless memories and good times. That is a dream home in my opinion. We believe togetherness makes a space fulfilled. However, the space you choose must be an ideal choice for the upbringing of your life and your family. Living in Dhaka, it’s no surprise that the city is overly populated and is on rush almost everyday. Well, if you want to avoid the overly populated feeling, then residing in Uttara may be your ultimate option. Uttara is regarded as the prime residential area in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Your Dream Home Awaits: Explore Properties for Sale in Uttara

Purchasing a property may seem like an easy job. But it actually requires far more research than that as your home is your resting point. You need your home to be peaceful and green to actually get away from the busy and hectic city life. Rupayan City Uttara is currently offering property for sale that will give you the home environment you need. Here are the top-notch properties which are available for sale in Uttara: 

Rupayan Majestic

Rupayan Majestic

Rupayan Majestic is a condominium apartment complex located in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is part of the Rupayan City development, which is a gated community with a variety of amenities, including a community lounge, swimming pool, and gym.

The condominium apartments in Rupayan Majestic are spacious and modern, with a variety of floor plans to choose from. The units feature high-quality finishes and appliances, and many of them have balconies with views of the city.

Rupayan Majestic is a popular choice for families and young professionals who are looking for a luxurious and convenient place to live. It is located in a central location in Uttara, with easy access to schools, hospitals, and shopping malls.

  • Number of Buildings: 11
  • Number of Floor Per  Building: B+G+9
  • Unit size:2190-2860 SFT
  • Bed Per Unit: 3+1 (Servant Room)
  • Bath Per Unit: 3+1 (Servant)
  • Number of Parking Per Unit: 1-2

Rupayan Grand 

  Rupayan Grand    Rupayan Grand is not your typical luxury property. It provides a great level of comfort, elegance, and convenience. It features a playground, a community lounge, a club, a gym, a community shop, a courtyard, a running yard, a mosque, school and stunning landscaping. This guarantees that the residents have a peaceful setting while having access to all of the latest amenities.    
  • Number of Buildings: 19
  • Number of Floor Per  Building: B+G+9
  • Unit size: 2300-3070 SFT
  • Bed Per Unit: 3+1 (Servant Room)
  • Bath Per Unit: 3+1 (Servant)
  • Number of Parking Per Unit: 1-2

Rupayan Sky Villa

  Rupayan Sky Villa   Rupayan City Uttara's Sky Villa offers an innovative design that is sure to satisfy you. Its relaxing atmosphere and amenities define the term luxury. It includes a playground, a community lounge, a club, a gym, a community shop, a courtyard, a running yard, a mosque, a school and beautiful landscaping. It also offers outdoor and indoor activities, metro connectivity, a swimming pool, sky villa reception, and a sky villa rainforest. This level of convenience is certain to make you feel exclusive.   
  • Number of Buildings: 7
  • Number of Floor Per  Building: B+G+8
  • Unit size: 4075/6295 
  • Bed Per Unit: 4+Servant 
  • Bath Per Unit: 5+1 Servant
  • Number of Parking Per Unit: 1-2

Rupayan Maxus

  Rupayan Maxus   Rupayan Maxus is a modern mall complete with all the features and services associated with recreation and leisure. It ensures accessibility, back-office assistance, loading and unloading capabilities, cleanliness, and security. Residents' shopping experiences will be improved due to this project. The mall has BRTA, Dhaka-Ashulia Motorway, metro connectivity, mall features, cineplex, fine dining, food court, ice skating, indoor theme park, super shop, and much more!  
  • Number of Buildings: 1
  • Number of Floor Per  Building: 4B+G+9
  • Unit size: 164/116084 

Rupayan Penthouse

  Rupayan Penthouse Rupayan Penthouse adds to the appealing charm of comfortable living in this lively neighbourhood. It offers a playground, a community lounge, a club, a gym, a community shop, a courtyard, a running yard, a mosque, a school and stunning landscaping. It also provides outdoor and indoor activities, metro access, a swimming pool, and much more.  Rupayan Penthouse raises the bar for luxurious and enjoyable living.  
  • Number of Buildings: 7
  • Number of Floor Per  Building: 9
  • Unit size: 5160/7820
  • Bed Per Unit: 4+Servant 
  • Bath Per Unit: 5+1 Servant
  • Number of Parking Per Unit: 1-2

Rupayan Grand School

  Rupayan Grand School   Rupayan Grand School represents elegance and knowledge. This school facility aims to provide a world-class education in an engaging environment. With its innovative amenities and highly qualified staff members, it provides an outstanding learning and socializing environment for your children. It gives students the expertise and knowledge they need to succeed in an increasingly changing world. Rupayan Grand School promotes students' mental, social, and psychological growth by providing a well-rounded curriculum and welcoming environment.  
  • Number of Buildings: 19
  • Number of Floor Per  Building: B+G+9
  • Unit size:2300-3070 SFT
  • Bed Per Unit: 3+1 (Servant Room) 
  • Bath Per Unit: 3+1 Servant
  • Number of Parking Per Unit: 1-2

Benefits of Buying a Property in Rupayan City Uttara

  To get the most value for your money when purchasing a house, you should research the area beforehand. Rupayan City Uttra provides properties with great architecture, increased security, and a beautiful natural setting. If you are still hesitant, here is a list of perks that properties in this area will provide:   

Calm and traffic-free

  Gated communities have restricted access with a well-defined boundary. So, the property here has the big advantage of having few or no speeding cars. You won't have to be concerned about the noise or sound that fast-moving vehicles make. The roads here are also well-structured, so you won’t have to face any traffic here.  The people of the society experience a fantastic sense of peace and calm thanks to the gated communities. Additionally, since there are few fast-moving cars, you may walk with your kids without any worry.   


  One of the greatest advantages of this property is the privacy it provides. 
  • Since only residents and authorized visitors are permitted in the community, you may enjoy a private setting free from interruption, trespassers, or invaders.
  • As you carry out your daily tasks, there is no need for concern because of the strict privacy it provides. 
  • The only people who can use the common amenities are the community's residents.
  • In a gated community, where there is no traffic, privacy is guaranteed to the fullest.

Safety and Security

  The biggest benefit of owning property in a gated community is that it offers a greater sense of security and safety. 
  • Every gated community has a fixed entrance and exit door that can be regulated either manually or automatically using modern technology.
  • Furthermore, CCTV cameras are installed throughout the gated property.
  • Having a specially trained security crew at the entry points of the gated community will guarantee that no one other than members of the community enters the closed territory.
  • Only identified individuals or residents of the society are allowed to access the community's gates. 

Green Environment

  The green environment this area offers is one of the factors that makes properties here preferable to those in other parts of the city. Gated community complexes and villas are the most premium housing options if you wish to live in a home surrounded by beautiful gardens and flawless fields. They have plenty of beautiful greenery areas spread throughout the land and are pollution-free. You can relax and reduce tension by being around greenery. You can also adopt a better, healthier lifestyle thanks to it. The property is ideal for someone who enjoys gardening because there are several places to do it.   

Sustainable Livelihood

  Nowadays people are really conscious about sustainability. The property here provides a sustainable livelihood. Today, many homes are built to support a healthy way of life by making use of resources found in nature, like sunlight, wind, and water. Renewable energy is valued highly in these homes, and they are built using eco-friendly materials. These homes offer a healthy lifestyle for adults as well as kids because they not only encourage water and energy conservation but also improve air quality. They depend on clean energy sources like the sun, groundwater, and the wind. This also contributes to cost-effectiveness. Homes in this kind of sustainable gated community are built with a focus on energy savings and innovative building techniques, like using sustainable materials. It contributes to better living conditions, air quality improvement, and water and power conservation.  

Health Conscious and Leisure Amenities

  People nowadays place high importance on health-conscious and leisure amenities. As a result, the properties in this area are designed with that in mind. They provide a wide range of facilities that can be used for physical activity, relaxation, spending time with family and friends, and so on. One of these amenities is having a fitness centre or a gym. If you don't feel like going to the gym, you can easily visit a fitness centre nearby. Tennis courts, swimming pools, and community recreation centers for activities are examples of some of the amenities that gated communities provide. These are normally maintained by the neighbourhood management association and provide residents with entertainment and social contact.  

Better Living Standards

  The living standards here are better than most places in the capital. People who live in gated communities generally feel extremely proud of their decision to settle in such a distinguished and secure area. Furthermore, homeowners' groups frequently set regulations to stop untidy yards or unattractive home accents. Roads, gardens, water features, and other outside areas are thus maintained and under control in the neighbourhood. The neighborhood's outside architecture is therefore better than that of any other location.  

Profitable Investment

  Investing in real estate in a gated community is a great decision. However, compared to other estate options, gated community homes are always a little more costly. The most common drawback to buying a house in a gated community is frequently the financial burden of doing so. However, the house you might buy has a larger property worth than the majority of other residential homes, so you must take that into account. Investing in real estate in these neighborhoods may pay off, especially if you buy it from a respected builder like Rupayan City. Everyone nowadays wants a lifestyle, not simply a residence. Residences and villas in gated communities are a fantastic value in terms of enhanced living conditions and pleasure.   

Sense of Togetherness and Community

  The property here offers not only the material aspects of living but also a sense of community and togetherness. It offers shared amenities and social gatherings so you can get to know your neighbors. You automatically build a sense of understanding among the people living there when you stay inside the boundaries of the community. Those wishing to live in a neighborhood with more connection and familiarity with neighbors may find this social component of gated communities to be appealing. Knowing who lives in your neighborhood might also make you feel safer and more at ease.  Additionally, communities here also host well-known holidays and seasons. As a result, residents can effectively talk with one another and grow to trust one another. On top of that, this will guarantee that your neighbor will remain there to assist you in case of an emergency.  

Safe Home for Families 

  The property here provides safe homes for families. Families—particularly those with young children—find an environment of security in gated communities. Living in large cities or crowded towns makes it challenging to supervise young kids and allow them to play and have fun. If you have a curious and restless child, he will often wander off if you shift your attention away from him for a second. You'd feel secure knowing your children are protected here.  Thankfully, because of the combination of limited access and wide roadways, gated communities provide a safe atmosphere for raising a family. By having less traffic and driving at reasonable speeds, the roads become safer. When the neighborhood's entry is guarded, there are fewer outsiders to worry about. By using carefully planned facilities and play areas, children are kept occupied and safe. In addition to playing outdoors and having a good time with their friends, your children might go biking. The benefits mentioned above make it clear why you should choose Rupayan City Uttara for your next home. So, select a home that you truly deserve.

Key Selling Points of Rupayan City Uttara

Competitive Prices of Flats

Rupayan City Uttara gives a taste of an affordable & luxurious lifestyle. It has been made accessible to anyone who longs for a lifestyle in a gated community. By purchasing the suitable flats for sale in Uttara’s first premium gated community, you can turn this dream into reality and become a resident of Rupayan City Uttara.   The prices are competitive and can provide you with much more than buying properties with similar facilities when compared in other areas. Then, why not choose living in the prestigious gated community for a privileged and protected life!

Modern Architecture

Each property at Rupayan City Uttara has been planned and designed with modern architecture, both outside and inside. The facilities are extensive, featuring stylish interiors that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.   Additionally, the use of high-quality construction materials enhances the upscale appearance of living in a luxurious home.

Energy-Efficient Features

A modern, luxurious home must prioritize energy efficiency, and this is precisely what you'll find in the properties at Rupayan City Uttara.   They have been built with energy-efficient features, enhancing a sustainable living and ultimately reducing utility costs. It's a standout feature that offers a wise investment opportunity.

Flexible Payment Options

If you're considering an investment for a prestigious lifestyle in Rupayan City Uttara, their most unique service is the flexibility they offer in payment options, including convenient EMIs. Additionally, there are ample opportunities for financing, making your dream accessible.

How to Arrange a Viewing

Rupayan City Uttara encourages you to thoroughly examine their properties, community features, and all available amenities before making an investment decision. To facilitate this, they have arranged open house events and offer the option to schedule appointments for viewing their flats and apartments.   In addition to arranging a property tour, you have the flexibility to explore it either in person or virtually through a VR tour.    To facilitate this, you can readily get in touch with our Rupayan City Uttara sales team who are dedicated to addressing all your inquiries and showcasing the complete amenities of the city..   You can reach out to the agents by giving us a call at either 16504 or 09610016504, or you can send them an email at info@rupayancity.com.


  Home is not just a place you return to after a long day. It is a feeling, a constant in your life. So before purchasing a home, you must make sure you are choosing the right one. The property should be safe, secure, and private. Less traffic, a green environment, and a sustainable livelihood are some of the benefits that have become essential for homes. The properties should also provide better living standards, health-conscious and leisure amenities, and a sense of togetherness and community. It should be a profitable investment and a safe home for families. Rupayan City Uttara is offering properties for purchase in Uttara which covers all these essential benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between an apartment and a gated community?

While a single apartment might be owned by one person, a gated community consists of many apartments.

What is a gated community?

Residential complexes with increased security that offer residents a number of excellent facilities are known as gated communities. As they need a lot of space to grow, they are typically built outside of urban areas.

Are properties in gated communities expensive?

Buying a home in a gated community may be expensive but it’s worthwhile because of all the premium facilities and elevated security and privacy they provide. 

Are properties in gated communities safe?

Statistics show that gated communities have lower rates of crime than ungated ones as there’s 24/7 strict security in there.

Why should I buy property in a gated community?

When discussing a gated community, the most frequent thought people have is one of safety and security. Living in a gated community is a good idea if you want to protect yourself from threats from the outside.

Can entering a gated community be considered a crime?

Visitor access to the property is restricted unless they have the residents' permission. If you enter the property without permission, it would be identified as breaking and entering.

What are the luxury amenities properties in gated communities offer? 

The properties here include facilities like playgrounds, swimming pools, exercise centres, and park areas.

Do gated communities offer a green environment?

The environment is safe and clean inside the gated community. The wide range of greenery also contributes to maintaining the air's purity and freshness.

Is there less traffic in gated communities?

Generally, there’s less traffic within the boundary of these communities due to restricted access. Besides that, there are good road structures within the area that ensure smooth traffic. 

Are properties in a gated community better than private homes?

Gated communities provide superior amenities, interesting community activities, and security in comparison to independent homes or bungalows.