Luxurious Living on a Budget: Affordable Housing Solutions in Dhaka

Bangladesh has experienced unprecedented economic growth over the last few decades. As a result, the average level of living for its citizens has quickly increased. But along with this growth comes a rise in demand for a variety of goods and services, most notably housing, particularly in urban areas. However, as time goes on and our nation's population expands, it will get more difficult to meet the demand for urban housing. Because of this, we'll talk about various affordable housing options in Dhaka in today's article that offer luxury at a fair price. 

Affordable Housing Solutions in Dhaka

Finding an affordable luxury flat to buy has become challenging due to the rapid urbanization and real estate development, as there are numerous neighborhood options. However, not every neighborhood provides the same level of comfort, security, and amenities. Therefore, before making an investment decision, it is important to carefully consider a number of factors.  It has become more challenging for new home buyers looking to enter the Dhaka real estate market to find a flat due to the high demand and low supply for flat sales in the city. Nevertheless, there are still some areas in Dhaka where the market for luxurious, well-located flats is growing at a reasonable price. We've compiled a list of the top Dhaka neighborhoods with affordable housing. The following is a list of that. 


This is one of Dhaka's largest neighborhoods and a popular hangout for the city's upper class. Furthermore, Mirpur's reasonably priced rentals enable you to meet people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Mirpur is easily accessible to other Dhaka cities via major roads and highways. Residents have no trouble getting to work or accessing essential services because it is near Gulshan, Banani, and Uttara. This area also has high-end modern amenities such as shopping centers, grocery stores, healthcare facilities, sprawling luxury homes, and parks and playgrounds. Mirpur also has several highly esteemed schools and colleges.


Budget-conscious families in Dhaka are housed in Mohammadpur. Like Mirpur, it experienced significant growth, which raised demand for local housing options and, consequently, the cost of rent. Thankfully, many of the nearby communities, including Shyamoli, Adabor, and Dhaka Uddyan, have developed into thriving commercial centers. To prevent the hassle of commuting to work through congested traffic, Mohammadpur is a good place to live because it is home to many businesses, both corporate and retail. This gave Mohammadpur a competitive advantage and raised it just a few notches above Mirpur in terms of accessibility and comfort.


The dynamic neighborhood of Badda in Dhaka is well-known for its wide range of amenities and upbeat atmosphere. To accommodate various tastes and price ranges, it provides a variety of housing options, including apartments, homes, and gated communities.  The city center and nearby neighborhoods are easily accessible via major roads and ride-sharing services. With police stations and neighborhood police programs, the area places a high priority on safety and security. With a large number of corporate offices, retail locations, and industrial facilities, Badda is also an active economic and commercial hub. Investments in parks, green areas, and recreational opportunities are transforming Badda into a well-rounded neighborhood, enhancing its residents' sense of community and quality of life.


This well-designed neighborhood has a mixture of homes and apartments. It provides quick access to elite and prestigious medical facilities, educational institutions, and leisure opportunities. Dhanmondi provides every modern amenity required to live an enjoyable city life. Purchasing an apartment in Dhanmondi has the added benefits of increasing investment potential and commercial development. Additionally, Dhanmondi is home to numerous private universities and English-medium schools with cutting-edge educational systems. Additionally, Dhanmondi Lake is the most appealing location to take in the surrounding area's natural beauty while residing here.


This is the area to live in if you have a tight budget and want to be close to Gulshan-Banani. Middle-class families who want to remain in this area will find Banasree to be the most suitable and affordable place to live. As well as being close to Gulshan-Banani, it has enhanced traffic and road conditions. The city is easily navigable both inside and outside of it. Every block has a shopping center and contemporary medical facilities.


One of Dhaka's most prestigious and wealthy neighborhoods is this one. Gulshan is a well-liked area for purchasing apartments because of its upscale residential neighborhoods and commercial centers. The main factor is that this diplomatic district has a variety of amenities, such as shopping centers, five-star hotels, fine dining establishments, exclusive clubs, embassies, and international schools. These facilities make networking and socializing in Gulshan convenient and simple.


One of the biggest developed and prestigious areas in Bangladesh is this residential area. Bashundhara R/A is close to Baridhara, and it takes only a short commute to get to Gulshan 1 and 2. Offering a full city experience, it provides a variety of flat options in addition to malls, healthcare facilities, schools, and recreational centers. In addition, the majority of Bashundhara's buildings have strict security protocols in place, including CCTV surveillance, round-the-clock security personnel, and a limited number of access points. Wide roads, transport connections, effective drainage systems, and dependable utilities all contribute to the area's well-developed infrastructure.


Baridhara is the place for you if you want to purchase a lavish flat where you can take in an amazing natural view and peace. Baridhara is a secure place to live as well because police patrol the neighborhood around the clock. In Baridhara, you can choose from a variety of apartments with contemporary amenities, roomy floor plans, and high-quality construction. In addition, the region is well-developed with wide roads, dependable electricity and water supplies, and drainage systems.


Last yet the best out of this list is Uttara. It is an affordable city inside a city. Bangladesh's capital city of Dhaka's Uttara neighborhood, which is rapidly expanding, is renowned for its modern conveniences, its convenient location close to the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, and its residential and commercial properties. The region is divided into several distinct sectors, each with its own number, allowing for convenient transport and linking to other areas of the city. The area's aesthetic appeal is enhanced by the wide, well-kept roads frequently lined with trees. In Uttara, there are many different housing options available to suit a variety of needs and budgets. It has opulent apartments, guard-gated neighborhoods, and standalone homes for rent and purchase. While schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping centers, and other important amenities are nearby, the residential areas are planned with lots of green space, parks, and playgrounds. A significant part of Uttara's economy is its commercial sector, which is supported by a large number of companies, corporate buildings, and shopping centers. The expansion of restaurants, cafes, banks, and grocery stores has been encouraged by the existence of commercial establishments and offers residents and visitors a variety of options. People from various backgrounds, cultures, and occupations live in Uttara, which is renowned for its multicultural and diverse population. The area is renowned for having a friendly and welcoming community, and throughout the year, a number of social and cultural events are held to promote harmony and celebration among locals. With a network of roads, flyovers, and bridges as well as options for public transportation like buses, auto-rickshaws, and ride-sharing services, it is easy to get around Uttara and to and from it. With hotels, guesthouses, and service apartments available, Uttara's strategic location close to the airport also makes it a popular tourist destination. Overall, the Dhaka neighborhood of Uttara is vibrant and alive. It is a great place to live, work, and travel because it has a high standard of living, modern facilities, diverse communities, and a variety of amenities. Rupayan City is the ideal place for you if you're looking to buy an apartment in Uttara.  Rupayan City Uttara is currently selling property that will provide you with the home environment you require. The following are some of the best properties for sale in Uttara

Rupayan Majestic

Rupayan Majestic Rupayan Majestic is a residential condominium complex in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is a part of the gated Rupayan City development, which has a range of amenities like a community lounge, a pool, and a gym. Many of the apartments have balconies with city views, and they all have high-end appliances and finishes. Families and young professionals seeking an affordable luxurious place to live frequently choose Rupayan Majestic. It is situated in the heart of Uttara, close to shopping centers, hospitals, and educational institutions.
  • Number of Buildings: 11
  • Number of Floors Per  Building: B+G+9
  • Unit size:2190-2860 SFT
  • Bed Per Unit: 3+1 (Servant Room)
  • Bath Per Unit: 3+1 (Servant)
  • Number of Parking Per Unit: 1-2

Rupayan Grand

Rupayan Grand  The Rupayan Grand isn't your typical opulent residence. This affordable residence offers a high degree of convenience, elegance, and comfort. It has a playground, a club, a gym, a community shop, a garden, a running area, a mosque, a school, and beautiful landscaping. This ensures that the residents enjoy an atmosphere of peace and have access to all modern conveniences.
  • Number of Buildings: 19
  • Number of Floors Per  Building: B+G+9
  • Unit size: 2300-3070 SFT
  • Bed Per Unit: 3+1 (Servant Room)
  • Bath Per Unit: 3+1 (Servant)
  • Number of Parking Per Unit: 1-2

Rupayan Sky-Villa

Rupayan Sky Villa Rupayan City Uttara's Sky Villa has a creative layout that is sure to please you. Its luxurious amenities and peaceful setting represent the term. It has a playground, a community lounge, a club, a gym, a community shop, a courtyard, a running yard, a mosque, a school, and lovely landscaping.  Additionally, it provides access to the metro, a swimming pool, a sky villa reception, and a sky villa rainforest. You'll undoubtedly feel unique with this level of convenience and get your money’s worth!
  • Number of Buildings: 7
  • Number of Floors Per  Building: B+G+8
  • Unit size: 4075/6295 
  • Bed Per Unit: 4+Servant 
  • Bath Per Unit: 5+1 Servant
  • Number of Parking Per Unit: 1-2

Rupayan Penthouse

Rupayan Penthouse The Rupayan Penthouse enhances the appeal of cozy living in this vibrant neighborhood. It features a playground, a club, a gym, a community shop, a courtyard, a running area, a mosque, a school, and gorgeous landscaping.  Additionally, it offers a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, access to the metro, a pool, and much more. It gives you luxury while ensuring affordability. The standard for lavish and enjoyable living is raised by the Rupayan Penthouse.  
  • Number of Buildings: 7
  • Number of Floors Per Building: 9
  • Unit size: 5160/7820
  • Bed Per Unit: 4+Servant 
  • Bath Per Unit: 5+1 Servant
  • Number of Parking Per Unit: 1-2


The location, facilities, developer image, and legal documentation are just a few of the many variables that need to be carefully taken into account when trying to find an affordable flat in Dhaka.  Affordable housing options are available in several promising areas, including Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Mirpur, Mohammadpur, and Badda. The most cost-effective options for luxury housing, though, are provided by Uttara. Uttara is a lively, lively place.  It has an excellent standard of living, advanced facilities, diverse neighborhoods, and a variety of amenities, making it an excellent spot to live, work, and travel. If you want to purchase luxury real estate in this region at a reasonable price, Rupayan City is the best option. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the housing situation look in Bangladesh?

Communities with low incomes struggle to locate affordable urban housing in Bangladesh's cities. To take advantage of economic opportunities, millions are moving to cities, which is encouraging rapid urban growth.

What is Bangladesh's demand for housing?

According to data from 2022 IFC, there is currently a demand for 60 lakh housing units, but only 31,500 are available annually.

What are some widespread misconceptions about affordable housing? 

A widespread misconception is that affordable housing can appear cheap. However, that's far from the truth. Luxurious homes are available in Rupayan City at reasonable prices. 

Why are affordable housing options crucial?

Affordable housing enhances residents' quality of life by promoting better health, sufficient employment, monetary stability, and security.